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James Welsh, horseracing form expert, handicapper and betting advisor. I have profited from betting for over 25 years, all fully proofed. I beat those greedy bookies and so can YOU!

I specialise in flat turf and all-weather racing, both in the UK and USA. I compile my own unique list of horses to follow, giving them my own power’ then sit and wait for them to appear under the right conditions, race class and with projected pace.  Members of my service will be the only punters with access to this potential punting gold mine. Quality over quantity is my betting mantra and I will be looking to back between 8 and 10 high quality bets a week.

I also have an owning interest in several horses and good connections within yards, combined with my own knowledge and form reading this creates a potent combination.

My aim is to help you achieve long term profits and enhance your enjoyment from horse-race betting.

If you are going to become a punter, it is necessary to make the distinction between punters who gamble and those who bet.  Gambling is playing games of pure chance with no possibility of predicting long-term results. Examples include the National Lottery, Fruit Machines, Casino games etc. Betting is all about odds. Neither bookies nor the punters know the true odds. Bookies are in competition, so their odds on offer differ and the odds can change quickly as punters place their bets. If you are a Gambler please leave now, you might want to head to your nearest betting shop as these places have now become nothing more than amusement arcades.

If you want to become a more professional bettor and learn how to beat the bookie on a long term basis then read on.   Horseracing gives us the opportunity to assess the odds on offer and make an accurate assessment of the risk and return equation and only bet when the return or the likelihood of success is particularly attractive. There is now a vast amount of information available to computer literate punters from which to assess the risk element. We can use previous results, statistics, trends etc, to enable us to ascertain which variables work at influencing the results of races. These variables can then be applied to future races.

Please navigate through the site and hopefully you’ll get a better understanding of the great sport of horseracing. If you would like further help and advice please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Happy Punting!


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